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Who doesn't like saving money? We can think of 10 quick things you can do with the money you're going to save by using NV Powder Coating.  

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I mean really though, our work is bad a**

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Our team works harder than anyone for a quick turn around time. We know you can't wait to see how bad a** your item is going to look.

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We'll pick-up and drop off your items when they're finished. We STRIVE to stand out & step up the game! This part is optional. 

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I've managed Exotic Racing for over 5 years and our vehicles have never looked better, Thanks NVP!

Lizzie Thompson

I was introduced to NVP from a friend and i wont go anywhere else now.

Todd Elliot (Facebook)

Top quality Las Vegas Powder Coating services with pick-up and delivery options for the Las Vegas Valley. Fast turn around time & new online powder coating services available.

We know Las Vegas is rapidly growing and is here to provide the Las Vegas Valley with top notch Powder Coating services you won't find anywhere else. Our powder coating process requires three major steps. 
  1. Product preparation, this step could make or break the whole job and our professional Powder Coaters take this step very seriously. 
  2. Heat treatment preparation for powder coat. Our heat treatment process assures our customers will receive a long lasting powder coat job that will last for years. 
  3. Detail- Our coaters detail and inspect every item like it was our own. We love powder coating with a passion & do not accept anything other than greatness. 


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Las Vegas Powder Coating Services


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Online Wheel Powder Coat Las Vegas
POWDER COAT YOUR WHEELS ONLINE! Quantity-1= 1wheel STEP1. Pick a color you want on our color chart...
$49.00 Price
Powder Coating Bicycle Frames
POWDER COAT YOUR BIKE NOW! Click here to find a color code
$149.00 Price